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Source T-Wave ion guide

Exhibit no. 324

Traveling wave (T-Wave) ion guides can be used for transporting ions from one part of a vacuum system to another with high efficiency. The T-Wave ion guides are stacked ring electrodes with opposite phases of the radiofrequency voltage applied to adjacent plates. The electric field confines ions radially and the residual gas causes an axial deceleration of ions. To avoid too long residence times, ions are propelled axially using a transient DC voltage (traveling voltage wave). The wave is formed by applying a DC voltage to one ring pair, which after certain time shifts to the next ring pair, etc.

The exhibit is a source T-Wave ion guide from Quattro Premier manufactured by Waters Micromass in 2004. The ion guide was mounted behind the extraction cone of the ZSpray ion source and operated at a frequency of 2.4 MHz. It was equipped with a differential aperture plate for separating the source region from the quadrupole analyzer.

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