Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry

A technical museum focused on unique and significant part of science, Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry will display and explain laboratory instrumentation that encompasses physics, chemistry, engineering and informatics and combines them into a device that contributes to many parts of our daily life.

Czech and English speaking visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the principles and applications of mass spectrometry, its history, and important scientists including Nobel price winners, while experiencing a remarkable collection of mass spectrometers. Founded by mass spectrometry enthusiasts Jaroslav Pol (Thermo Scientific) and Josef Cvacka (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry) and sponsored by Frantisek Turecek (University of Washington, Seattle), Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry is now being assembled and will open in Prague in 2021. Donations of mass spectrometry artifacts are gratefully appreciated; those willing to contribute please contact the curators.

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