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Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry

Welcome to the website of a unique technical museum dedicated to one of the principal physicochemical methods for studying the matter.

The origins of mass spectrometry date back to the mid-nineteenth century. Physicists at the time studied luminous rays produced by electric discharges in gases. As it turned out later, these rays consisted of electrons and positively charged ions. Simple glass devices assembled for their experiments evolved into modern spectrometers. Today, mass spectrometers are broadly used in research and routine analysis of various samples.

The museum aims to collect and display artifacts in mass spectrometry, especially those associated with our geographical region. The exhibition shows components of modern and historical spectrometers, thus documenting this field's development in the last fifty years. You can take a closer look at the exhibits, understand their function, and at the same time admire their technical perfection and beauty.

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