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Mass Spectrometry in Czechia

Stavba a studie 180° hmotového spektrometru Siriho typu [Construction and study of a 180 ° Siri-type mass spectrometer]
Zdeněk Dolejšek's diploma thesis from 1957 dealing with the completion and improvement of a 180 ° magnetic sector spectrometer, which began to be built in 1951 at the Institute of Radiology in Prague according to the work of W. Siri (Rev. Sci. Instrum. 18, 540, 1947).

Hmotový spektrometr Ústavu fysikální chemie ČSAV [Mass spectrometer of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences] 
An article by Vladimír Čermák, Vladimír Hanuš, and Miroslav Pacák from 1959 describing the construction of the first Czechoslovak mass spectrometer. The Nier-type magnetic mass spectrometer was built in the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

Počátky a historie československé hmotnostní spektrometrie [Origins and history of Czechoslovak mass spectrometry]
The book, published in 2012 by the Czech Society for Mass Spectrometry and the Czech branch of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a collection of memories of twelve witnesses from a time when mass spectrometry was beginning to make its way.

Mass Spectrometry at the IOCB
Posters of the Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry, which summarize the history of mass spectrometry at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

History of the Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry in the Czech Republic
Poster presented by Jan Lorinčík during the Prague Meeting on Historical Perspectives of Mass Spectrometry conference (Prague, 2021).

Škola hmotnostní spektrometrie v zrcadle času [School of mass spectrometry in the mirror of time]
A series of posters that recapitulate the history of popular educational courses organized by the Spectroscopic Society since 1986. The posters were presented by Josef Cvačka at the 22nd School of Mass Spectrometry (Milovy, 2023).

Sborník přednášek z první Školy hmotnostní spektrometrie [Collection of lectures from the first School of Mass Spectrometry]
Lectures presented at the first School of Mass Spectrometry. Published by the Czechoslovak Spectroscopic Society in 1987 as part of Bulletin number 51.

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