Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry welcomes those who can donate artifacts to its collection.

The inventory of museum is in majority consolidated of objects donated by individuals and companies professionally linked to mass spectrometry. Therefore your donation is appreciated.

The collection consists of key parts of mass spectrometers, namely ion sources, ion optics, mass and mobility analyzers, detectors, vacuum pumps and gauges etc., which depict the past development, state of art technologies and principles in mass spectrometry. Because of area limitations we are not able to collect and display large objects like whole instruments. Owing to our interest to preserve history of mass spectrometry specifically in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we also collect historical photographs, correspondence, purchasing documents, data records etc.

In case of your interest to contribute to Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry, please contact the curators:

Josef Cvačka
+420 220 183 303

Jaroslav Pól

Click here to see a list of our donors of exhibits.




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