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Source alignment jig

Exhibit no. 962

The exact positioning of the ion source in its housing was sometimes of a crucial importance. The space inside the instrument could be too small that even slight inaccuracy in the ion source assembling or positioning caused damage to some parts. Pictured is a source alignment jig used for precise positioning of an ion source assembly on a flange. When aligning the ion source with the flange, the jig was mounted on using the three thumbscrews. The ion source was correctly positioned using two alignment dowels located on the top of the alignment jig. When the correct position was found, the screws securing the endplate were tightened.

The jig served for the MS902 double-focusing mass spectrometer manufactured by AEI Scientific Apparatus Ltd. in 1969.

The second picture is a photograph from the original MS902 manual showing the ion source with the alignment jig having dowels in position.


Source alignment jig

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