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GC/MS interface

Exhibit no. 126

The GC/MS interface is a device for transporting the effluent from the gas chromatography column to the mass spectrometer. For capillary columns, the exit end of the column is inserted directly into the ion source. The capillary column between the GC and the ion source must be heated to eliminate cold spots where analytes could condense. The interface temperature is set above the boiling point of the highest-boiling component of the sample.

The exhibit is a GC/MS interface from the 5972 MSD single quadrupole mass detector manufactured by Hewlett-Packard in 1993. One end of the interface was mounted on the vacuum manifold using a KF25 flange. The other end passed through the side of the HP 5890 Series gas chromatograph and protruded into its oven. The interface was heated by an electric cartridge heater and its temperature could be set from the data system or the keypad of the gas chromatograph. A thermocouple sensor monitored the temperature in the interface. The bellows on the interface provided a high-thermal-impedance path so that the vacuum manifold stayed relatively cool. The GC/MS interface was operated in the 250° - 320°C range.

Wikipedia: GC/MS


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