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Diffusion pump oil Santovac 5

Exhibit no. 360

Diffusion pumps contain a working fluid that is evaporated by the boiler at the bottom of the pumps. The fluid vapor rises through the pump to create a jet that directs residual gas downward the pump. Working fluids for oil diffusion pumps must exhibit a low vapor pressure at room temperature and must be able to resist thermal decomposition and oxidization.

Santovac 5 is a trademark for a five-ring polyphenyl ether. It is a synthetic diffusion pump oil developed from fluids used as lubricants for space vehicles. It has low vapor pressure, low backstreaming characteristics, and can be used for ultra-high vacuum applications down to less than 10-9 mbar. The fluid is chemically stable, non-corrosive, safe and non-toxic at normal operating temperatures.  Similar to other diffusion pump oils it should be changed every two years. The exhibit is a 100-ml bottle with the oil purchased in the early 2000s for AX-65 diffusion pump in the Varian Saturn 2000R ion trap GC/MS.

Wikipedia: Diffusion pump


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