Quadrupole mass analyzer

Exhibit no. 666

A linear quadrupole mass analyzer consists of four hyperbolically or cylindrically shaped rod electrodes set parallel to each other.

A combination of RF and DC voltages applied to the rods creates a hyperbolic field. For a given RF/DC ratio, only ions of a certain mass-to-charge ratio pass through the quadrupole to a detector; all other ions are thrown out of their original path. A mass spectrum is obtained by monitoring the ions passing through the quadrupole filter as the RF/DC ratio is varied. The picture shows a quadrupole mass analyzer with cylindrical rods and a prefilter from a single quadrupole mass spectrometer Automass III manufactured by ThermoQuest in 2000. The quadrupole is designed for the mass range of 10 – 1000 m/z.

Wikipedia: Quadrupole mass analyzer

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