Feedthrough for PMT detector

Exhibit no. 651

The operation of a vacuum instrument, such as a mass spectrometer often requires the transmission of electrical currents, voltages or signals across the walls of vacuum chambers.This is possible with electrical feedthroughs. 

They often consist of ceramic-to-metal assemblies, where the ceramic serves as an electrical insulator between the conductor and the connection flange. In addition to providing leak-tightness in high and ultra-high vacuum, some feedthroughs are resistant to high temperatures used during bake-out cleaning.

This exhibit is a 64mm CF flange that held a photomultiplier detector in the ZAB-EQ sector mass spectrometer manufactured by VG Analytical LTD. in 1986. It also served as a feedthrough for connecting wires to the detector (pin connector for the first dynode, BNC connector for the collector) and wires for resistance heating.

Wikipedia: Feedthrough

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